Notice of EGM

Urgent message from your President following the AGM

“Dear members. Following yesterday’s [26th June] AGM it is important that you know the outcome of the meeting. There were 19 members in attendance, 8 of whom were on the committee.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of nominations we were unable to appoint a new chairman. All other committee posts were filled. We cannot continue without a chairman and I am asking you to help us resolve this problem, either by putting forward the name of someone who agrees to be nominated, or by putting your own name forward.

 lease let me have your responses by Wednesday 12 July.  There will then be an Extraordinary General Meeting at 7 pm on Thursday 13 July at the Baptist Hall, either to appoint the new chairman or to discuss the winding up process for BMS. This would clearly be a tragedy after last year’s successes and the start of “Oliver” but this is why I am letting you know the situation and asking for your help.

Thank you

Linda Kendall”


To date we have had no nominations for a Chairman.  Please, please do have a think whether you could step up to the challenge to enable your society to continue.


Extraordinary General Meeting at 7 pm on Thursday 13 July

Please do come along – we need to have at least half the paid-up members present if we are to make a big decision about the society’s future.  We will be rehearsing Oom-Pah-Pah afterwards so you can stay for a (virtual) drink and a catch up too!

(1) Election of a new Chairman
(2) The future of BMS

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